“This doesn’t work for me?”, “What is the best way to do this?”, “How do I do this?”

All common phrases that Craig can answer quickly and efficiently.

Need help with:

  • Websites/ WordPress
    • Hosting
    • Domain name choice
  • Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, Access, SQL, .NET
  • Social media strategy
  • Database development
  • Business system/ procedural development
  • Programming .NET, PHP, Java
    • WordPress Plugin development
    • App planning and project management


2 thoughts on “Consulting”

  1. Adam Russell says:

    Hi Craig

    I am currently investigating a couple of different SAS systems for running our projects and ticketing systems through and we were looking potentially at Trello. Many of the systems it is all about how you set them up and wanted to have this as a consultancy project the setup and integration of either Trello or Zoho through our business.



    1. WPAdminCraigLambie says:

      Thanks Adam. I have sent you an email to discuss.

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