Moving from Dropbox to One Drive?

Hi there world,

I invite you to comment on what you think is the best process for moving a large Dropbox account (around 300GB) to One drive.


  • re-uploading all the files
  • downloading all the files

I suggest a cloud transfer tool like

MoverCloudsferMultcloud. CloudHQ except they don’t specify the treatment of local files, so I suspect will involve downloading all the files again, which I don’t like the look of 🙁

Some answers are on Microsoft Community, Optiable tech blog and the sites above, however none are detailed enough to answer this question with the criteria I have above.

Thoughts on best resolution?

GigTxt, GetDoc, OnList

Entrepreneur /Founder/ Developer/ Project Manager/ Marketing/ Director/ Accounting

2004- 20011 What Was That Pty Ltd


Involved digital delivery of information to consumers based on their request via SMS and later smart phones using a sophisticated database, algorithm and simple for consumer access to the information.

Goal Result
To enable a connection with the internet via “old world” advertising Enabled SMS to email messaging
Reduce need for brochures/ flyers/ posters in campaigns Reduced poster distribution by 40%
Simplify public ability to connect with brands they want to follow User friendly technology platform developed, but target market not ready for visionary marketing strategy

In Depth:

Mailchimp for SMS – An SMS based information platform that allowed for SMS subscribers to receive information from advertising across multiple business channels, also manage there subscription, track there messages and report SMS Spam for investigation.
A smart phone app that allows you to follow a list (ie. Brand/ Retailer) by simply scanning a QR code with your smart phone – linking you to your chosen Social networks and/ or email / SMS lists.
A short-url service that is specifically for document distribution, to be used by any person or organisation that requires information to be distributed.  No more carrying large bags full of brochures out of a trade show – just GetDoc.IT


  • Project Management
  • Business case development and implementation
  • Relationship building
  • Networking
  • Developer management
  • Testing
  • Implementation and roll out
  • Technical Writing