Pre-Filling Acuity Scheduling forms

I hate it when forms are not filled in, when you know the person asking you to fill the form in has half your info already.

We do it a lot, and I just made our clients life a little easier, which ideally will help with our conversion rates long term too 🙂

Here is some JS that will easily be used on any acuityscheduling embeded calendar.


Add id=”acuityiframe” to the embed code (Acuity could make this part of the embed code eventually)


Add this code to your page, or a JS file and link to it from your site

function getParameterByName(name) {
name = name.replace(/[\[]/, "\\[").replace(/[\]]/, "\\]");
var regex = new RegExp("[\\?&]" + name + "=([^&#]*)"),
results = regex.exec(;
return results === null ? "" : decodeURIComponent(results[1].replace(/\+/g, " "));
$(document).ready(function() {
url = $('#acuityiframe').attr('src');
url += '&first_name='+getParameterByName('firstname');
url += '&last_name='+getParameterByName('lastname');
url += '&email='+getParameterByName('email');
url += '&phone='+getParameterByName('mobile');

And away you go, you have pre-filling forms when your CRM sends the info in that format – which is easy to do.


This link

Will deliver the Infusionsoft Contact values for those fields to the embeded iframe for Acuity pages.


Please spread widely and freely to stop us all from having to fill in forms every again 🙂

GigTxt, GetDoc, OnList

Entrepreneur /Founder/ Developer/ Project Manager/ Marketing/ Director/ Accounting

2004- 20011 What Was That Pty Ltd


Involved digital delivery of information to consumers based on their request via SMS and later smart phones using a sophisticated database, algorithm and simple for consumer access to the information.

Goal Result
To enable a connection with the internet via “old world” advertising Enabled SMS to email messaging
Reduce need for brochures/ flyers/ posters in campaigns Reduced poster distribution by 40%
Simplify public ability to connect with brands they want to follow User friendly technology platform developed, but target market not ready for visionary marketing strategy

In Depth:

Mailchimp for SMS – An SMS based information platform that allowed for SMS subscribers to receive information from advertising across multiple business channels, also manage there subscription, track there messages and report SMS Spam for investigation.
A smart phone app that allows you to follow a list (ie. Brand/ Retailer) by simply scanning a QR code with your smart phone – linking you to your chosen Social networks and/ or email / SMS lists.
A short-url service that is specifically for document distribution, to be used by any person or organisation that requires information to be distributed.  No more carrying large bags full of brochures out of a trade show – just GetDoc.IT


  • Project Management
  • Business case development and implementation
  • Relationship building
  • Networking
  • Developer management
  • Testing
  • Implementation and roll out
  • Technical Writing

Cash Manager Project

Analyst Developer

2007-2008 Prudential/ M&G


This project involved understanding the needs of the Treasury desk; current processes and systems, then specifying, planning and developing a new system that was paperless, efficient, tracked changes and as fluid and quick as Excel, but a Database based web interface system.
Cash Manager allows the Treasury to place £8 Billion on the overnight markets daily without over exposing to high risk banks.

Goal Result
Reduce Paper 50% reduction
Increase efficiency Reduced FTE by 75%
Reduce errors Errors to clerical only
Track changes Every entry recorded
Reduce Risk of overexposure Tracks exposure and credit rating for every bank on the fly, with warnings and notifications

In Depth:

Cash Manager – CM – Managing £8B daily
This system was built based on Analysis and understanding of the PruCap Treasury desks excel, paper and quill and ink based systems.
By connecting to the many sources of data (Excel, Oracle, HSBC data feed, Reuters Data Feed, Email) and putting the “days work” into the CM system, then allowing a fully controlled workflow system to evolve where each “deal” was tracked from order to execution to settlement inside the CM allowing for management to have a view of the days position anytime of the day. CM also incorporating exposure limits and user/ role limits for financial instruments or institutions.
Phase II
CM Phase II involved adding the entire Currency Deposits to the GBP only system, also adding several new bespoke reports and calculation tools for daily dealing across different funds, fund groups and legal entities groupings.
FX Manager – FXM
The FXM was designed with similar tracking and order management systems as the CM but for the highly complicated FXM market. Two way pricing and tracking for counter parties. Full reporting for Non liquid currencies. Tools for “building” a cross currency pair. Tools to group together similar orders based on criteria and trade larger deals in the market, then allocating them back as per deals done.


  • ASP 
  • MS SQL sophisticated
  • Excel 
  • DOM 
  • Javascript/ VB Script 
  • XML 
  • AJAX 
  • Bespoke