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Spent some time developing this little helper while procrastinating from doing my accounts….

Morning reflection – Black Mirror 

Last night I watched s3E1 of black mirror, if you haven’t seen it, it is an amazing show. 

This episode delved into a future where we could rate everyone we interacted with, and your rating determined your status in life. 

A really interesting take on the instagram love hearts, likes and reactions of the social media world.  Imagine how shallow we could get chasing ratings,  and not being able to truly express the negative emotions with severe consequences. 
I found it insightful and a deep look at human  behaviour, now and a possible future. Connections and there value to you are an interesting phenomenon that is not as obvious as in the show, in life, but gosh it is interesting how this plays out in life. 
Black mirror is an insightful reflection of life,  different ideas and ethical questions dealt with through the artistic realisation.  I think it is fantastically done and is mandatory watching for anyone that questions their reality in any way. 

Idea: Compost collect in Port Phillip

Can you imagine your bin not smelling, or needing to be washed out.  Can you imagine not needing to put your rubbish bin out hardly ever (and not needing to remember to bring it back in!).

In our household we somehow manage to only need to put the recycling bin out every 2-3 weeks and the rubbish bin once every 2-3 months.  A big reason for that is that we compost all organic waste.  We take it to the Botanical Gardens or our own compost bin between the 4 flats in our block.  The problem is between 4 households, we produce to much waste for our local bin, and having to go to the community gardens is a bit of a pain, it works, but I can see it stopping other people.

So there is the problem: for most this is to much hassle.  A Compost Collection service can fix that easily.  We live in the City of Port Phillip and would love to see a compost collection service run around here.  Something like Let us Compost that is a bicycle collection service.

Here is how I imagine it would work.  A partnerships between the Eco Centre and the Little Vegie Patch sponsored or supported by the City of Port Phillip.

For the Eco Centre
A huge increase in exposure to the community, a huge increase in great dirt for the community garden.
They would host the compost in the community garden, and likely run the “books” if required, or be the head Not for Profit in this mix.

For the Little Vegie Patch
A huge increase in exposure across the community as the bikes and bins could be branded, a new product they can sell – the great dirt.
They would co-ordinate the bikes and pick ups, be the public face of the program.  They also get to sell the good dirt at 100% profit.

For the City of Port Phillip
Some environmental points for initiative, a small capital cost to set up, no running costs and a huge decrease in waste – measurable and direct savings – to the point it might be economical to sponsor neighbourhoods to do it instead of charging a subscription fee.
They would actively ensure the program was run fairly and make it available to neighbourhoods, with their support, maybe a community grant to buy a couple of bikes and basic set up/ training costs.

What is it?
The concept is relatively simple, as per the video below, you simply subscribe, and then your waste is picked up in a special bin, and the compostable bags are refreshed each pick up.  Simple, easy and hassle free composting with dirt in return if you want it.  For a gardener – you get great dirt 3 times a year.  For an apartment dweller you know your organic waste is going to good use, not to the tip to create Methane (a gas 30 x as bad as carbon dioxide1).

The bicycle based collection service is a low impact, high returning social enterprise.  Honestly I can’t imagine they make a profit, or can pay their staff well, so it is likely a community service that will require some investment by the community (council or crowdfunding) to get it started.

  1. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/03/140327111724.htm


Funny how some people have an issue with Mondays.  I used to love Garfield, and he thought Monday was the worst day.  I am not sure if that is the reason that I don’t mind Mondays, or if it is that I see Monday as an opportunity, it is one of the best days of the week.

I get to look forward to all the amazing plans I have for the week ahead.  I am fully energised and ready to hit the road running for the week.  I often want to work later on Mondays, as I want to complete a bunch of stuff.

It is an exciting day. One of hope and energy.  I love Mondays.

NLP – Breakthrough to success

Just spent 2 days with a guy Rik Schnabel who runs Life Beyond Limits LBL.  I was happy to know I have found an Australian version of Chris Howard.  Rik has done training with Chris, amongst others, and therefore is an easy to get to Chris for me.  I loved working with Chris, but didn’t want to travel to see him with family commitments, and lucky for me his protege had similar issues and stayed in Australia.  In fact he has gone off and done heaps of training and research and clearly knows what he is talking about in many areas, so I was really happy to sign up to do the NLP training with him that I signed up for today.

I had a vision today of Australia seeing the value of the Arts / Creative Industry so highly in the upcoming knowledge economy that they recognised it with a prestigious award.

I also saw the path to this outcome was creating some professional associations around the arts and business.  The ABA and the IABA – Australian Arts Business Association and the International Arts Business Association respectively (this thinking will spread like wild fire across the world).  The only struggle I had was with identifying it as Arts or Creative Industry – I was actually thinking of following the lead of the Victorian Government and Martin Foley who believes that the industry needs to be converged into the Creative Industry, seeing all of Film, TV, Visual Art, Performing Art and writing as one main industry that employees more people than many other sectors, and brings in more to the economy than it employees.  It is a huge industry, and needs a National body that represents it’s wide ranging areas.  The Incubator will lead that by starting a national creative business coaching association, which will develop and certify professionals that will lead the industry in creating it’s own association for Creative Professional Association (the name to be decided).


Idea: Be able to tag people into WordPress posts via Twitter/Social handles (ajax like ability, WordPress plugin) – maybe search for a link by selecting some text, top 3 google results could be added as the link?


Gosh this daily writing thing is difficult 🙂

I think about it quite often, but the habit to pull up this screen and write is difficult.  I think this might require a more determined approach to the habit, like allocating time for it – I am trying today to write it after I get up, instead of in the evenings which are pretty hit and miss due to other commitments.

I have been working on my life story, which is super interesting.  I have revisited some of the most amazing experiences that I had as a child so far.  The good, the bad and the ugly :).   Some highlights for you (me) to remember again later is the trip around the Australia – Twin Falls in particular.  Also the Canberra trip with Scouts, which I remember very warmly.

I ran 3.2km on Sunday morning – 1.6km non stop.  Very happy with progress so far.
I think the daily Tabata 6 days a week is helping, also doing a tabata on the bike on the way to the office for some extra Cardio – I am feeling much fitter since adding this to my routine.



So I haven’t written for a few days, off to a slow start, but has made me realise that writing everyday is probably harder than you think, doesn’t take long to do it…. if you are at your computer, like I am now, but gosh if you are not it is a pain to think to turn it on, login, login, login to get to it. – there I am sure, is an easier way to handle it, TBC.


Anyway, just listened to James Altucher interview Tim Roth, what a writer, seems really interesting, especially his kids mindfulness books, that sounds really interesting.

I have to say, listening to podcasts at 1.5x speed is super helpful to get through a lot more in one day.  I listened to a whole This American Life about Carnivals and fairs, and then half of a James Altucher show, in one day, I wouldn’t even get through one TAL usually, so super helpful, and I still feel like I remember the story.


Doing tough mudder Nov 20 🙂

Writing Life Story

Listening to Diana Krall as we are going to see her tomorrow night – that will be fun 🙂

First post

Today I listened to a podcast about a writer, Maria Popova @brainpicker, and then had a great conversation with a good Hungarian friend of mine about language, writing and business and all sorts (Thank Balint)

One of the first things I realised is that I need to start writing, for myself!
So if you happen to be reading this, be warned it is my first post, for me, not really for you – but hey! Welcome and hi 🙂

This post is about setting a SMART goal for myself, that is a Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound goal.

My goal is to learn Mandarin (Specific) to an European A2 standard (measurable and attainable) by August 31 2016 (time bound) for when my in-laws arrive, that can speak it, around that time (relevant).