Property Tour – Auctions Day 1

Today I saw 8 properties, since I don’t plan to buy any, I am here are my thoughts on them, to build my real estate creative muscle. Refer to Paul Fosh Auctions site and the catolgue for info: 87 Porcher Avenue, Glyncoch, Pontypridd CF37 3DD This property needed a lot of work, the guide […]

Donald Trump on a stage, holding arm up

Why Trump is good for all of us

Posted on 16/02/2017 by Craig Lambie. Categories: Uncategorized.

Why Trump is a good opportunity for all sides of politics to wake up and take some action towards a more connected, community look at political decisions.

Morning reflection – Black Mirror 

Posted on 20/12/2016 by WPAdminCraigLambie. Categories: Blog.

Last night I watched s3E1 of black mirror, if you haven’t seen it, it is an amazing show.  This episode delved into a future where we could rate everyone we interacted with, and your rating determined your status in life.  A really interesting take on the instagram love hearts, likes and reactions of the social […]

A bull dozer in a landfill pushing trash around

Idea: Compost collect in Port Phillip

Can you imagine your bin not smelling, or needing to be washed out. Can you imagine not needing to put your rubbish bin out hardly ever (and not needing to remember to bring it back in!).

two boys trying to speak to one another via string and can phones

Connect with people before you try to change them

You can learn to connect with each person, understand them and find the best way to not just sell your ideas on how the change should happen, but also listen to their needs and incorporate it into the change.
The more people you can connect with, the easier the change will be. The easier the persuasion will be. Do you want that? Then keep reading.

Moving from Dropbox to One Drive?

Hi there world, I invite you to comment on what you think is the best process for moving a large Dropbox account (around 300GB) to One drive. Avoid: re-uploading all the files downloading all the files I suggest a cloud transfer tool like Mover, Cloudsfer, Multcloud. CloudHQ except they don’t specify the treatment of local files, so I […]

Pre-Filling Acuity Scheduling forms

I hate it when forms are not filled in, when you know the person asking you to fill the form in has half your info already. We do it a lot, and I just made our clients life a little easier, which ideally will help with our conversion rates long term too 🙂 Here is […]

Getting Trello to Wrap / float boards

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So I love Trello, but I have a large screen that I put the board in an more vertical alignment, instead of across. I therefore wanted my boards to wrap around, and bump down to the bottom…. Enter: Stylish chrome plugin and CSS tricks to make it do it: .list { /*margin: 0 5px 13px […]


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Funny how some people have an issue with Mondays.  I used to love Garfield, and he thought Monday was the worst day.  I am not sure if that is the reason that I don’t mind Mondays, or if it is that I see Monday as an opportunity, it is one of the best days of […]

NLP – Breakthrough to success

Just spent 2 days with a guy Rik Schnabel who runs Life Beyond Limits LBL.  I was happy to know I have found an Australian version of Chris Howard.  Rik has done training with Chris, amongst others, and therefore is an easy to get to Chris for me.  I loved working with Chris, but didn’t […]