Adding the edit your profile button – Icegram Email Subscriber emails

Today I wanted my email subscribers to be able to update their name or change their email address in our Database – we use Icegrams Email Subscriber plugin

I couldn’t see an option to ad this to the email signature area, so I figured out a way and forked the code to allow it.

You can find the forked code in my GitHub repository here.

Basically, by adding a file into the \subscribers folder and switching 3 other files you will get the line

“‘If you would like to change your subscription or your details on our system, please click here.”

added to your emails, and here will link to a page that a subscriber can edit their Email subscription profile.

To do this:

  1. Download the code from GitHub
    1. all files are in your \plugins\email-subscribers\ or child folders
  2. Put the file view-subscriber-edit-pub.php into the folder \subscribers
  3. Replace the file \settings\settings-edit.php with the download
    1. This adds a setting, you need to tell me where the shortcode is installed for the link
  4. Replace the file \register\es-sendmail.php
    1. This is so the line will be added on the send of an email
  5. Replace the file \email-subscribers.php
    1. This is so the new shortcode is registered
  6. Now create a new hidden page and put the shortcode on it
    1. [email-subscribers-form-edit]
    2. Copy the part of the URL after
  7. Go to your settings page for the ES Plugin:
    1. note the settings “Edit Subscribe shortcode location” and paste “/thisbit/” there and scroll down and click “save settings
  8. Now send a test email newsletter to yourself and check it is all working
    1. if there is a problem, let me know and I can try to fix it

Some future ideas for ES/ Icegram:

  • some way to link a user profile/ buddy press profile to the ES profile

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