Morning reflection – Black Mirror 

Last night I watched s3E1 of black mirror, if you haven’t seen it, it is an amazing show. 

This episode delved into a future where we could rate everyone we interacted with, and your rating determined your status in life. 

A really interesting take on the instagram love hearts, likes and reactions of the social media world.  Imagine how shallow we could get chasing ratings,  and not being able to truly express the negative emotions with severe consequences. 
I found it insightful and a deep look at human  behaviour, now and a possible future. Connections and there value to you are an interesting phenomenon that is not as obvious as in the show, in life, but gosh it is interesting how this plays out in life. 
Black mirror is an insightful reflection of life,  different ideas and ethical questions dealt with through the artistic realisation.  I think it is fantastically done and is mandatory watching for anyone that questions their reality in any way. 

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