Moving from Dropbox to One Drive?

Hi there world,

I invite you to comment on what you think is the best process for moving a large Dropbox account (around 300GB) to One drive.


  • re-uploading all the files
  • downloading all the files

I suggest a cloud transfer tool like

MoverCloudsferMultcloud. CloudHQ except they don’t specify the treatment of local files, so I suspect will involve downloading all the files again, which I don’t like the look of 🙁

Some answers are on Microsoft Community, Optiable tech blog and the sites above, however none are detailed enough to answer this question with the criteria I have above.

Thoughts on best resolution?

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2 thoughts on “Moving from Dropbox to One Drive?”

  1. Jon Capus says:

    Hey Craig,

    I’m assuming when you talk about “downloading” all of the files again, you’re speaking of the related sync clients chewing through your bandwidth, correct? Mover can transfer your files cloud to cloud, but if you have the files locally there’s not a lot we can do to mitigate what the respective sync clients will do – in this case, OneDrive’s.

    An API limitation for most cloud storage providers is that you can’t keep the original timestamps, meaning if you were to disable your sync clients for both services, transfer cloud to cloud, transfer the files locally, and then re-enable the sync clients, the OneDrive sync client will compare the timestamps and download all the data because it appears to be “new”.

    It would probably be best to speak to Microsoft support directly to see if they can shed more light on how their sync client would respond to such a situation.

    In any case, I wish you luck in your migration – reach out if you have further questions and let me know how it goes!

    1. WPAdminCraigLambie says:

      Thanks Jon. I just saw your comment (sorry)
      Yes I have decided not to move at all now actually.
      Gdrive isn’t as good as Dropbox, and OneDrive is missing a stack of features that Dropbox has. So Dropbox is the winner overall, even though I was unhappy at the time with their support, and overall I still am, but they have the best feature set, so do as you do I guess.

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