Gosh this daily writing thing is difficult 🙂

I think about it quite often, but the habit to pull up this screen and write is difficult.  I think this might require a more determined approach to the habit, like allocating time for it – I am trying today to write it after I get up, instead of in the evenings which are pretty hit and miss due to other commitments.

I have been working on my life story, which is super interesting.  I have revisited some of the most amazing experiences that I had as a child so far.  The good, the bad and the ugly :).   Some highlights for you (me) to remember again later is the trip around the Australia – Twin Falls in particular.  Also the Canberra trip with Scouts, which I remember very warmly.

I ran 3.2km on Sunday morning – 1.6km non stop.  Very happy with progress so far.
I think the daily Tabata 6 days a week is helping, also doing a tabata on the bike on the way to the office for some extra Cardio – I am feeling much fitter since adding this to my routine.


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