So I haven’t written for a few days, off to a slow start, but has made me realise that writing everyday is probably harder than you think, doesn’t take long to do it…. if you are at your computer, like I am now, but gosh if you are not it is a pain to think to turn it on, login, login, login to get to it. – there I am sure, is an easier way to handle it, TBC.


Anyway, just listened to James Altucher interview Tim Roth, what a writer, seems really interesting, especially his kids mindfulness books, that sounds really interesting.

I have to say, listening to podcasts at 1.5x speed is super helpful to get through a lot more in one day.  I listened to a whole This American Life about Carnivals and fairs, and then half of a James Altucher show, in one day, I wouldn’t even get through one TAL usually, so super helpful, and I still feel like I remember the story.


Doing tough mudder Nov 20 🙂

Writing Life Story

Listening to Diana Krall as we are going to see her tomorrow night – that will be fun 🙂

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